And this is me !

Rather a misspent youth during the early sixties where bunking off school was a bit of the norm to watch Clapton, Beck, John Mayall, The Yardbirds, Georgie Fame, et al, practicing for a session at the Marquee when it was in Oxford Street or the 100 club nearby where my pal used to like losing his money to the local cardsharps upstairs. I was later to return to the 100 club as a security associate for a professional card player who never seemed to lose but was the biggest wimp you could imagine. Sneaking into the Flamingo, which was difficult, to watch Georgie Fame, Chris Farlowe etc and we got thrown out of Ronnie Scotts jazz club more times than I care to remember, thats when it was in Gerrard Street and all the big names would hang around. But it was all worth it. I’ve had a passion for music ever since. After all, you should never let school get in the way of a good education !

I hope you enjoy my music. The playlists will be updated every month and I’ve a new quiz where you can try your hand at anything. and I’ll keep the album review going each month. I believe the music to be the best on the web as each track is hand picked not by a robot operating randomly but by me. I’m Terence Bridge and I live with my lovely wife Jacky on this beautiful Greek island of Crete. Just got a new grandson too, that makes three.


Terence Bridge.